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In an effort to promote the sustainability of our many systems in Guatemala, to ensure successful installations, and to build relationships with our project partners, we employ Guatemalan nationals as an essential part of our organization's work.  Without their hard-work, experience, and love for Jesus Christ, Living Water World Missions would not be possible. 

Cesia Renata Morales de Palomo

Cesia Renata Morales de Palomo

In-Country Administrator

Since September 2014


Major Responsibilities

Coordination and management of in-country installation logistics, Communication with Compassion International leadership and system operators, LWWM Facebook administration, coordination of LWWM staff, oversight of preparations and delivery of health and hygiene education, maintenance of records regarding systems sites in Guatemala, collection of water data reports, bilingual interpretation for CEO, board, and business documents.


Josué Yax

Josué Yax

In-Country Installation Coordinator and Chief Technician

Since July 2013.


Major Responsibilities

Facilitation of new water system installation, including site surveys and operator designation, oversight of installation process and operator training, supervision for Assistant Technician, monthly communication with system operators, maintenance and repair assistance to LWWM systems and their operators.

Gaby Villatoro Classon

Ana Gabriella "Gaby" Villatoro Classon

In-Country Education Coordinator

Since January 2015


Major Responsibilities

Assist In-Country Administrator to coordinate in-country logistics for installation teams, lead health and hygiene education during installations, assist with system records in coordination with In-Country Administrator and In-country Installation Coordinator, bilingual interpretation for CEO and Board members on installations trips, preparation of educational and instructional materials for system room, including Operations Manual.

Eswin Yax

Eswin Yax

In-country installation and maintenance Technician

Since August 2015


Major Responsibilities:

Communication with system operators monthly, assist supervisor, In-country Coordinator, in system installation, maintenance, and repair, training by supervisor regarding LWWM systems (installation, maintenance, repairs, etc.)

We also employ a part-time employee in California to provide logistical and publication support to CEO and Board of Directors.

Melody Downie-Dack

Melody Downie-Dack

Administrative Assistant

Since July 2015


Major Responsibilities

Assistance to CEO & Director of Education, coordination of North American team members, website and Facebook updates, oversight of installation trip media, assistance with supply ordering and installation logistics, maintenance of trip member database, communication with supporters and other publications.

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Annual Appreciation Banquet

October 19, 2018

Visalia, CA


Dates for 2018



May 19-26

IDEC Agape in Barrio La Candelaria, San Benito, Petén, Guatemala

Applications Closed

June 9-16

Iglesia Evangélica Centroamericana Jesus La Única Esperanza in Jacaltenango, Huehuetenango, Guatemala

Applications closed

July 7-14

Iglesia Evangélica Bet-el in Aldea Horcones, Santa Catarina Mita, Jutiapa, Guatemala

Applications Closed

August 4-11

Iglesia CA La Hermosa in Nicá Village, Catarina, Malacatan, San Marcos, Guatemala

Applications Closed

September 1-8

Iglesia Evangélica CA Jesus la Vid Verdadera in Nueva Colonia, Malacatán, San Marcos, Guatemala

Applications Open

October 6-13

TBD, Guatemala

Applications Closed




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