2015 Annual Report

3,198,980 gallons of Clean Drinking Water!


The year 2015 was a great year for Living Water World Missions.


We started 2015 with several goals in mind;


1.   Install a minimum of 12 clean drinking water filtration systems in Guatemala.

2.   Revisit sites in Guatemala where we had previously installed clean drinking water filtration systems to encourage and strengthen existing relationships.

3.     In conjunction with #2 above, plan and organize an Operators Conference in Guatemala to include reestablishing relationships, refresh training in proper system operations, refresh training in on-going community education, and provide instruction in building a business plan that would lead to self-sufficiency.

4.     Hire an additional employee in Guatemala to assist the Installation Teams in providing, in-country, community based education.


With those goals in mind we looked forward to the new year with great anticipation, and I am pleased to report that each of those goals were achieved.


In 2015 we completed 14 new installations in Guatemala during the months of January (1), February (2), March (2) April (1), May (1), June (2), July (1), August (1), October (2) and November (1). These installations were each completed at Compassion International Program Sites, in partnership with both Compassion International (in Guatemala) and the local churches where the sites are located. We now have forty(40) operating clean water systems in Guatemala, twenty (20) of which are located in Compassion International Program sites.


We also established a new partnership with the Church of God in Cuba, and completed our first installation at their main church in Santiago Cuba in the month of November.


In addition to leading teams to Guatemala each month:


This year we initiated a new program of providing a matching number of 5 gallon bottles (up to 100) to each of our Operating Partners in Guatemala, so as to help our Partners distribute clean drinking water to the members of their communities. As has been the practice of the past, the clean water is still provided free-of-charge to the families of the Compassion Program Participants, who are among the poorest in their communities.


All of our Operating Partners use the clean water as a tool to evangelize their communities, and invite those who receive the water to also experience the Living Water, (Jesus Christ) who is indeed the “Medicine for Life”.


In January we hired our second full-time In-Country Coordinator in Guatemala, to assist with “in-country” team management and the teaching the community based education programs that are a part of every successful installation.  Additionally, in April we hired a part-time Administrative Assistant in California to manage all of the team applications we receive and all team correspondence.


In June we assisted Living Waters for the World in setting up their training program called  “Clean Water U” which is located at Calvin Crest Camp in Oakhurst California. At CWU, persons from throughout the United States are taught the principals of Project Management, Clean Water System Construction, and Community Education. Our Board Members have served as instructors at CWU since its inception.  We brought our newest employee from Guatemala to attend training in community-based education so as to further develop her skills.  


In December we sent several Board Members to Guatemala to assist our staff in conducting our second annual Operators Conference.  Over 100 people attended the Conference where best practices were shared and updated information was provided to our system operators. At the conclusion of the conference the Board Members made visits to most of our original partners, and performed a number of site surveys with prospective partners.


In 2015 we had 135 people join our teams, coming from 25 different Churches in California, Washington, Arizona, Indiana, Kentucky, Virginia, Mississippi, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Florida.


SUMMARY of our  2015 Partners

Churches (In Guatemala)

  1. Iglesia Ministerios de Restauración Primitiva, Escuintla

Compassion Program Sites:

  1. Iglesia Evangélica Centroamericana “Mi Redentor Vive”

Aldea Camojá Grande, La Democracia, Huehuetenango

  1. Iglesia Evangélica Centroamericana “Nazaret”

La Democracia, Huehuetenango

  1. IDEC “El Manantial”

Aldea El Sitio, Catarina, San Marcos

  1. Iglesia Centroamericana “Camino al Cielo

Aldea Nuevo San Antonio, Malacatán, San Marcos

  1. Iglesia Evangélica Metodista Primitiva “Nazareth”

Chicacao, Suchitepéquez

  1. Iglesia Centroamericana “Luz y Verdad”

Aldea San José, San Francisco Zapotitlán, Suchitepéquez

  1. Iglesia Cristiana Familiar “Bethania”

Momostenango, Totonicapán

  1. Iglesia Evangélica “Peniel”

La Esperanza, Quetzaltenango

  1. Iglesia Evangélica “Jesús Salva”

Zunilito, Suchitepéquez

  1. IDEC Buena Creación

Retalhuleu, Retalhuleu

  1. Iglesia Centroamericana “Nueva Jerusalén”

Camojallito, La Democracia, Huehuetenango

  1. Iglesia Centroamericana Vida Nueva

Aldea La Mesilla, La Democracia, Huehuetenango

  1. Iglesia Centroamericana “Cristo Vive”

Caserío La Independencia, Catarina, San Marcos

Churches (In Cuba)

     15. La Iglesia de Dios del Evangelio Completo

           Santiago Cuba



Total number of gallons of Clean Drinking Water produced:

 (From January, 2008, through January, 2016)






Total Number of five gallon bottles produced through January 2016:


639,796 bottles, or about

29,500 bottles per month




Total Economic Value of water produced*

@ 7.6 Quetzals per five gallons = Q 4,862,449.60

(1.3 million US dollars)

* Pete Emerson and Gloria Blanco developed the Economic Value of Clean Drinking Water Calculator used.




Total Number of Compassion Program Children who now receive clean water:


7500 Children


Approximate number of families who now receive Clean Drinking Water:


9800 Families




We have set a goal of completing at least 12 installations in 2016, and with your help, that goal can be achieved.

In order to effectively accomplish our mission you can help us in the following ways:

1.     We need people willing to support us in prayer.  We believe that, who we are, and what we plan to do is the result of God's goodness, and we will not take that for granted.


2.     We need people willing to go on installation trips.  The approximate cost of each trip is $1,200.00, which includes airfare, lodging, food, and in-country transportation.  These costs are borne by the participant.  There are no particular skills needed to participate on a trip except a willing and service-oriented heart, and the ability to follow simple directions.


3.     We need your financial support. To be able to complete 12 installations this year we will need to raise $42,000.00

The systems we install cost approximately $3,500 each.  This amount provides for:

  • The clean water filtration system
  • Community education materials used to teach health and hygiene and to promote the Gospel message
  • Replacement filters and other parts
  • Water bottles to assist in initial water production


4.     We need community support in helping us advertise and promote this mission.  Our community is rich with human resources and we need and desire your support.



  • Over one billion people in the world still do not have access to clean water, which is a number equivalent to over 3 times the population of the United States of America.
  • And, every year, nearly 3 ½ million people die of preventable water related diseases including 27,000 children under the age of 5 who die EACH WEEK of such diseases. 

Working together, we can do something about that, and be the Body of Christ in this hurting world at this time.


Thank you for all that you have done,

are doing, and will do,

to make this ministry possible.


Mark Vanciel

February 2016



Mail donations to:

Living Water World Missions

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Phone: +1 559 732-8334


Or use credit cards via PayPal

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Annual Appreciation Banquet

October 19, 2018

Visalia, CA


Dates for 2018



May 19-26

IDEC Agape in Barrio La Candelaria, San Benito, Petén, Guatemala

Applications Closed

June 9-16

Iglesia Evangélica Centroamericana Jesus La Única Esperanza in Jacaltenango, Huehuetenango, Guatemala

Applications closed

July 7-14

Iglesia Evangélica Bet-el in Aldea Horcones, Santa Catarina Mita, Jutiapa, Guatemala

Applications Closed

August 4-11

Iglesia CA La Hermosa in Nicá Village, Catarina, Malacatan, San Marcos, Guatemala

Applications Closed

September 1-8

Iglesia Evangélica CA Jesus la Vid Verdadera in Nueva Colonia, Malacatán, San Marcos, Guatemala

Applications Open

October 6-13

TBD, Guatemala

Applications Closed




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