2016 Annual Report

5,628,706  gallons of Clean Drinking Water!


The year 2016 was a great year for Living Water World Missions.


We started 2016 with several goals in mind;


1.   Install a minimum of 10 clean drinking water filtration systems in Guatemala.

2.   Revisit sites in Guatemala where we had previously installed clean drinking water filtration systems to encourage and strengthen existing relationships.

3.     In conjunction with #2 above, plan and organize an Operators Conference in Guatemala to include reestablishing relationships, refresh training in proper system operations, refresh training in on-going community education, and provide instruction in building a business plan that would lead to self-sufficiency.

4.     Hire an additional employee in Guatemala to assist in providing system maintenance and operator training.


With those goals in mind we looked forward to the New Year with great anticipation, and I am pleased to report that each of those goals were achieved.


Achievements of 2016

Successful Installations:

In 2016 we completed 11 new installations in Guatemala. Most of those installations were completed at Compassion International Program Sites, in partnership with both Compassion International (in Guatemala) and the local churches where the sites are located. We now have fifty (50) operating Clean Water Systems in Guatemala, more than half of which are located in Compassion International Program Sites.


All of our Operating Partners use the Clean Water as a tool to evangelize their communities, and invite those who receive the water to also experience the Living Water, who is indeed the “Medicine for Life”.


In May we sent a “Rapid Response Team” to Ecuador to install two clean water systems, in two different communities that had been devastated in a severe earthquake the month before. This team was made up of volunteers who came from California, Washington, Arizona, and Pennsylvania. The Team was hosted by the Rotary Club of Tulcan, Ecuador, and sponsored by several different Rotary Clubs in California.


In addition to leading Teams to Guatemala each month:


Operational Developments:

In January we hired our fourth full-time In Country Staff person. Our new employee was hired as a Systems Maintenance Technician, responsible for helping system operators with ongoing maintenance issues and training new/replacement system operators.


In 2016 our staff undertook a major revamping of the Health and Hygiene Education Component of the installation process. New materials were developed that emphasis spiritual growth, all designed to “Make Jesus Famous”. Our Teams were able to provide training in the new and improved LWWM Health and Hygiene Education curriculum to 105 Teachers in Guatemala, and assist them sharing the gospel to over 1500 children at the eleven different installation sites.


This year we continued the program of providing a matching number of 5 Gallon bottles (up to 100) to each of our Operating Partners in Guatemala, so as to help our Partners distribute Clean Drinking Water to the members of their communities. As has been the practice of the past, the Clean Water is still provided free-of-charge to the families of the Compassion Program Participants, who are among the poorest of their communities. This year over 2000 new bottles were purchased and placed into service.



In October we had our third annual Share the Mission fundraiser in Visalia at Gateway Church.  Our guest speakers were Cesia Renata Morales de Palomo and Ana Gabriela “Gaby” Villatoro Classon, two of our staff members in Guatemala.  The event included dinner, dessert auction, and a Guatemalan marketplace of handicrafts.  It was attending by over 220 people and a total of $47,000 was raised from attendees and donations by mail.  Several first time team members were recruited for 2017 trips as well!  The money raised will fund our ministry in Guatemala, supporting our staff and our operating partners.  In 2015, we spent 95% of our funds on direct ministry costs and only 5% on administrative costs as evidenced by our 990 tax form that is available on www.guidestar.org.   We have worked toward this same pattern in 2016 and into 2017. 


Operator's Conference in Guatemala:

In December we sent several Board Members to Guatemala to conduct a series of site surveys and assist our staff as they conducted our third annual Operators Conference. 


The theme for this years conference was “Serving with Quality, Colossians 3:23” The conference devotion, keynote speakers and group activities were focused on the importance of providing quality service in all that we do.

The presentations included:

  • The implementation of a new Operator´s Certification Program.
  • Providing ongoing Certified Bacteriological Testing for each system.
  • Implementing Financial Administration for sustainability.

A total of 136 Administrators, Operators, and Educators attended the Conference where best practices were shared and updated information provided to all of our system operators.


Team Participation:

In 2016 we had ninety-two (92) people (not including Board Members or Staff) join our Teams, coming from churches in Arizona, California, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Washington. We also had a volunteer Team Member from Guatemala who served on two installations.


Fifty-two (52) of our volunteers were first time team members with LWWM. This includes twelve (12) Team Members under the age of 18 and another six (6) that were under the age of 20.  The youngest team member was only 8 years old and the oldest was a very young 80.


Our 2016 Partners in Guatemala:


January 2016 - Iglesia Evangélica Centroamericana "Faro de Luz" in Zaculeu Central, Huehuetenango


February 2016 - Iglesia Evangélica de Integración Cristiana "Bethania" in Pasac II, Cantel, Quetzaltenango


April 2016 - Iglesia Misión Cristiana Elohim in Zunilito, Suchitepéquez


April - May 2016  - Iglesia Cristiana Bethel  in Chuajij, Nahualá, Sololá


May - June 2016 - Iglesia de Cristo Misión Cristiana Shoffar in San Antonio Suchitepéquez, Suchitepéquez


June 2016 -  Colegio Evangélico “Vida Nueva”  of Iglesia Evangélica Centroamericana “Monte Sinaí” in

Jutiapa, Jutiapa


July 2016 - Iglesia Centroamericana Monte Horeb in Chiantla


Augiust 2016 - Iglesia Esmirna Metodista in Cantón Chuixichimal, Totonicapán


September 2016 -  Iglesia de Cristo Shekina Ministerios Ebenezer in Totonicapán


October 2016 -  Casa Shalom Orphanage in San Lucas Sacatepéquez


November 2016 -  Iglesia Centroamericana Alfa y Omega in El Jicaro Yulpiltepeque, Atescatempa, Jutiapa


Impact of Clean Water


Total number of gallons of Clean Drinking Water produced (From January, 2008)

Through December, 2016:


5,628,706 gallons


Total Number of five gallon bottles produced through December 2016:


1,125,741 bottles


Total Economic Value of water produced*

(@ 14 Quetzals per five gallons = Q 15,760,374.00) (Almost 2.1 million US dollars)


Total Number of Children who now receive clean water:


            15,000 Children


Approximate number of families who now receive Clean Drinking Water:


            10,000 Families


* The Economic Value of Clean Drinking Water Calculator used was developed by Pete Emerson and Gloria Blanco.


Supporting Partners:

We want to give a big thank-you to the following partners who helped fund this year's systems.



Gateway Church of Visalia

First Presbyterian Church of Visalia

First Presbyterian Church of Monterey

First Presbyterian Church of San Bernardino  

First Presbyterian Church of Kennewick Washington

First Presbyterian Church of Livermore

New Hope Presbyterian Church, Rienzi, MS

Westminster Presbyterian Church, Munster, IN

Santa Ynez Valley Presbyterian Church, Santa Ynez, CA

Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Winchester, KY

El Shaddai Bethlehem Ministries, Bethlehem, PA

Rotary Club of Corinth, MS

Micaiah’s Project

Max and Barbara Ellis

Mark and Elizabeth Cunningham

Jim and Kathy Rudd

David and Carie Ertle

Lyle and Lorri Meendering

Mark and Alice Richmond

Robert and Dawn Rippy


Work Left to Do:


  • Over one billion people in the world still do not have access to clean water, which is a number equivalent to over 3 times the population of the United States of America.
  • And, every year, nearly 3 ½ million people die of preventable water related diseases including 27,000 children under the age of 5 who die EACH WEEK of such diseases.

Working together, we can do something about that, and be the Body of Christ in this hurting world at this time.


 Thank you to all who in any way or another have been part of this great work.

United by the Living Water Who Gives Life - Living Water World Missions


Mark Vanciel

February 2017


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