2017 Annual Report



This last November, as we were installing our 59th Clean Water Filter System in Guatemala, in partnership with Visalia First Assembly and Gateway Church of Visalia, I had the opportunity to reflect back to ten years ago when in November 2007, a small group of like minded individuals had joined together to install a Clean Water Filter System at the Centennial Youth Camp located on the Pan-American Highway just outside of Argueta in the Central Guatemalan Highlands.

We had already been working at the Camp for two years, developing its infrastructure when we decided to build a Clean Water Filter System at the Camp, to provide the resident missionaries with clean water to drink.  At the time we thought that the installation at the Camp would be a “one-off” situation, and that we would likely never do another water system installation anywhere. But, it turned out God had other plans for us.

At the dedication of that first system a group of pastors asked us to halt work at the Camp, and instead build water systems in their churches, saying,  “Our children are dying for lack of clean water”.  As you can imagine that request was impossible for us to turn down, so answering that request started us walking down the road that has led us to where we are now.

As I write this and consider the hundreds of people who have joined with us over the last ten years to make all the work we have done possible, I am reminded that together, as the Church, we are the body of Christ, and as the Church we hold the Hope of the World in our hands.

Looking forward to this New Year I pray that together we will continue being a tool in the hands of the Lord to bring more people to Jesus Christ, the LIVING WATER.

Thank you;

Mark Vanciel





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