"Clean water is medicine for life."
"Clean water is medicine for life."

Total Gallons produced in Guatemala

The estimated economic value of this water to the local communities is $2,150,223!

Total Gallons produced by systems at our Compassion International partner sites

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Here is a simple way to help this little girl and hundreds like her to have safe, clean water.

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Living Water World Missions is a non-profit organization located in Visalia, California existing to share the Good News of Jesus Christ in the context of providing clean water in communities that need it. While our current ministry focus is in the Central American country of Guatemala, we are poised to install systems all around the world. We assist and train nationals in the building of clean water systems which use filters and ozone to remove germs and bacteria from city water sources, making it safe to consume. In addition, we train parents, children, and interested others in germ theory, hygiene, and the appropriate uses of clean water.


Teams of between 8-14 people of all ages that travel on installation trips include members of various church congregations in Visalia and the surrounding communities, located in central California as well as from across the country. Team members share a common love for God and His people around the world and pay their own travel and living expenses in service to others. Generally, trips last approximately 8-9 days including travel to and from the installation site(s).


Living Water World Missions (LWWM) is overseen by a 9-member Board of Directors comprised of people from a variety of faith traditions. The LWWM Board meets once per month in order to prioritize where and when clean water systems will be built. In addition, members of the LWWM Board meet interested groups in the community on a regular basis to share the vision and the need for clean water worldwide. Our hope is that others will be inspired to participate in an installation trip or be led to donate funds that will enable us to continue to accomplish our mission.


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"This child represents why we go to Guatemala to install clean water filtration systems." - Mark Vanciel, CEO

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What's Coming Up?

Mission Trips



December 1-10

Operators Conference in Guatemala

Board members



January 2017

Iglesia El Cristo, Cuba

Applications Closed


February 4-11

Escuela de Formación Agrícola in Sololá, Guatemala 

Applications Open


March 18-25

Iglesia Imanuel in Panajachel, Guatemala  Re-installation

Applications Open


April 22-29

Chichicastenango, Quiché, Guatemala 

Applications Open


May 20-27

San Marcos, Guatemala

Applications Open


June 10-17

El Sitio, San Marcos, Guatemala

Applications Open


July 8-15

Nebaj, Quiché, Guatemala

Applications Closed


August 5-12

Site TBD


September 16-23

Site TBD


October 14-21

Site TBD


November 11-18

Site TBD


Installations Pending Dates:


Iglesia Restoracion Casa de Alfarero in Chocola Suchitepequez




Iglesia de Dios Evangelico Complet La Familia in Aldea Pachaj Cantel


Re-Installations Pending Dates:


Iglesia Getzamani in Pamazable Santa Lucia Utatlan


Iglesia Monte de Olivos in Paraje Buena Vista


Iglesia Bethel in San Lucas Toliman

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